If you (a writer) contact me (the founder) and ask to be put in the navigation, I will do so. Like I have under stories for myself, I will make a 'name page', a page with the writers name and then have under that the story(ies) they have written, once the navigation is filled and I will have to put authors under 'more' I will not be able to put your stories, so be sure to put links to your story(ies) on there (the name page). But anyways, your name page can have your profile picture, and just about any APPROPRIATE thing on it, it can be like a blog or talk page, if you wish, but put that stuff under talk. The main page is so you can tell how many seasons you plan on writing (if you know), links to things (stories, episodes, etc.) and even your favorite wikias, as long as you are APPROPRIATE, it is like a party page. But remember, you must contact me and I WILL MAKE IT, not you, because I don't add wordplay with them, I simply put your username, I don't put your username and the show name, and it saves navigation room, so please, be respectful there, or I will rename it.