Here is some trivia you may not know about Breaking Bad. 

  • Jesse was supposed to die in the end of season 1, which would have been season 1 episode 9 but it was cut short for writers strike. 
  • The teddy bear in season 2 is a symbol of the pain and suffering Walt has caused. 
  • Season 2 is the season with the most episodes with Badger, Skinny Pete, and Combo. 
  • Season 2 has four episodes with flashforwards with the pink teddy bear, if you put each episode name together you get 737 down over ABQ, which is code for when a 737 airplane crashes over Albequerque. 
  • Gus burnt face has two possible foreshawdowing symbols, 1 is the teddy bear in season 2, the other being a face model with pink paint on one side and white paint on the other (which may also be a symbol of Walter WHITE and Jesse PINKman's partnership, especially because the white paint is splattered so there is more white paint and he is the boss.) 
    Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 8.27.50 AM
  • Many fans think the show will end with Hank killing himself because of what Jesse said in the hospital (S3E7), what the Tv says in Mike's house (S5E7) and because Hank puts a gun in the shape of his hand towards his face and goes 'boom' (S5E7).

Feel free to add more trivia!